Thursday, December 13, 2012

FREE Dollhouse!

I got this dollhouse from Freecycle for, you got it, FREE!  I can't believe my luck in getting such a gorgeous thing right before Christmas!  It's got great bones.  It was solid as a rock and in very good shape albeit, very dusty and smelly. I cannot abide contact paper as wallpaper.  That will never do.  Nothing 3 coats of primer won't cure!  I repainted everything, added new wallpaper, replaced the window box flowers and glued on the fireplace and front steps. I worked on it for about a week.

So my total expenditure on this project:

Dollhouse-FREE from Freecycle
Primer-FREE from neighbor
Wallpaper-FREE from a client from another dollhouse project
Craft paint-FREE from another client's dollhouse project
Silk flowers-50 cents from a junk shop
Glue-FREE bought for 87 cents for my daughter's school project 

So a whopping 50 cents for this dollhouse:  PRICELESS!