Friday, November 2, 2012

Inside the Log Cabin

If you follow dollhouse blogs and websites, you will see many things in this cabin that have been copied from various sources.  I will try to give credit where credit is due if I can remember where I found everything!

The fireplace, as I said in my previous post, was made with cardboard and covered with caulk and egg carton "stones" then painted and topped with a stained piece of balsa wood.  It has some logs in it that are just branches from my yard hot glued together and the Playmobile kettle which is hanging by a toothpick perched between the stones on the front.  (Lucky accident.) The fireplace is not attached in case I decide to put the chimney on the other side of the house. Over the mantle is a deer head made from one of my daughter's plastic animals. ( I got permission to use it, I promise!)  I think the idea came from this tutorial from Dollhouse Minis.  I also made a primitive fireplace like theirs in another dollhouse.

The washtub is a condiment cup painted silver with a pre-made wooden washboard and some cotton batting for bubbles and some fabric scraps.

The blanket chest upstairs is the bottom of a Michael's hutch painted in the style of Grazhina as is the bench and a flower pot on the mantle.  The bench is pieces of balsa wood that are precariously glued together ; )

The table is made of wood scraps and dowels cleverly disguised with a scrap of fabric.  The log seats are pieces of a hickory branch from my yard.  My husband makes his own hickory chips for the barbecue grill.  I borrowed a couple of them : )

The Michael's hutch in the background is dressed with a piece of lace and some paper plates and a canister from

Complete details of how I made the antique pie safe is in another blog entry hutch makeover.

I already had the loaf of bread that came with another dollhouse.  I made the bread board from a piece of balsa and a jewelry finding that looks just like a knife.  The rolling pin is made from two different sizes of wooden dowels.

The hurricane lamp on the upstairs side table (another piece of hickory and some dowels) is made from a bead and a piece of plastic tubing that came from a drinking straw or a pen or something.

The yarn rugs are one of the first things I ever made.  It's just a piece of card stock cut into a circle or oval with some yarn glued around it.

The beds were made with foam and cardboard and dressed with quilts that were printed from Jim's Printable Minis--a source I use again and again.  The pillows are just batting and cloth with the seams hot glued together.

Some fabric scraps hang at the windows and there's a sweet little needlepoint (printie) picture that says Home Sweet Home.

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  1. Es una preciosa casita, me encantan todos los detalles.
    besitos ascension