Friday, November 2, 2012

Log Cabin Dollhouse

I have always wanted to live in a log cabin!  I made this log cabin dollhouse from scratch a few years ago. I got the tutorial from the Tree Feathers Blog.  It has full instructions and drawings on how to build a cabin from half round molding.   I wanted to have a great room and a sleeping loft (like Little House on the Prairie) so I did change the measurements a little. (Can't leave well enough alone, you know.) As I recall, I wanted something very small and light because I was tired of dealing with the giant 3 story Cherrydale. (Must've been before my husband built the lazy susan table.) The logs were glued together flat side down then when dry, the walls went together Lincoln Log style.  Then they were attached upright to a smooth very thin plywood bottom.  I used caulk to fill in between for chinking.  Everything got stained with cherry Minwax. The roof and the upstairs floor had to be reinforced with balsa wood molding and all the roof seams were hidden by the shingles which also got a coat of stain.  For someone with poor spacial skills, I think it came out pretty nice!

It cost about $50 dollars to build.  Here is the supply list:
Half round molding
Carpenter's wood glue
Minwax stain
2 tubes of white caulk ( I am messy with caulk!)
Pack of Skinny sticks
Pack of balsa wood dowels
Luan Plywood veneer
Dollhouse wood shingles ( probably had some of these leftover, and did not figure into the price.  I usually wait until I have a 50% off coupon before I buy them--the price is ridiculous!)

After the construction was finished, I set to work on the chimney, fireplace and wishing well which were all made from cardboard, caulk and egg carton stones.  The chimney and fireplace still aren't attached.  I wanted to be able to change them around if I wanted.

I also wanted to have a moving door which was a bit of a challenge because I'd never done anything like it before!  The door is made of wood (Lord knows how I got it to fit!) with skinny sticks glued on top to make the wood pattern.  I used short pieces of a paper clip to make the pins that the door turns on.  They were just jammed into a small hole in the top and bottom of the door that I made by hand.  A drill bit would have been way too big!

More next time on the inside of the log cabin!

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